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Apple iPad Mini Mock-Up

Here is the mockup PSD of the iPad Mini. Currently, I created only the Gold variant. More will be added soon. It is free to use in both Personal and Commercial Projects. Enjoy and send me a link wherever you have used it !

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Common Web Design mistakes designers make while designing Websites

Many factors go into designing an amazing website, and web designers are an awesome bunch of people who make the Internet a beautiful place. But, while trying their level best, designers do tend to commit some basic mistakes while designing a website which keeps it from becoming a masterpiece it is supposed to become. Here, […]

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Photoshop vs Illustrator: Which is better for Web Design

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, two of the industry standard platforms in the field of Web Design. Both have been used extensively for creating websites and various resources in Web Design. But the lifetime long question still remains – Which one is better ? I will try to answer this ominous question in the following […]

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Google Chrome Mock-Up PSD

Download the Mockup of the Latest version of Google Chrome to showcase your Websites in style. Although, the default PSD is pretty basic, customizations can be made as per requirements. You can download the mock-up PSD here-

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Photoshop Tricks that can make your life easy as a Web Designer

Photoshop is an integral part of the Web Design process. Before jumping into the world of coding the design is first laid out in Photoshop ( Although some have started using Illustrator but I prefer Photoshop as I find it much more flexible in terms of Gradients and Textures ). It is the beginning of […]

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How to import content to a WordPress site

Toady, I am going to discuss about importing content from another website to your WordPress site. You have done all the right things – got some server space, purchased your favourite domain, set-up WordPress and installed your favourite theme. Now, you are all set to start the website of your dreams. But, you don’t feel […]

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December 12, 2016 / by admin / Tips / 2 Comments

Adjusting Custom Header Image in your WordPress theme

Today, I am going to touch on another important yet neglected feature of WordPress, the Header Image. Many Users often find it difficult to set a HeaderĀ image for the site. Although it is a pretty simple feature, I feel it needs a mention as some users find it complicated sometimes. Basically, you can add the […]

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